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NBC News (online) - 2/11/2011
A little love for Intercourse - Pennsylvania, that is
Name of small community in heart of Amish country known to draw chuckles

In an era when "Make Love, Not War" was a popular slogan, an innate fondness for Intercourse nearly kept fit-enough-to-fight Frank Howe from fulfilling his duties.

And you can bet many a soldier will read that and wonder, "Now, why didn't I think of that?"

"It was 1971 and I was living in Chicago," says Howe, 60. "I went to register for the draft. The lady took one look at my driver's license and just started cracking up. She took it and passed it all around the building. She kept it so long I thought she forgot the reason I was there in the first place."

Thus, the magic of Intercourse.

Intercourse, Pennsylvania, that is.

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